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Zero Waste Gift Ideas

It's officially gift giving season! It can be hard to navigate gift giving when you're trying to be zero-waste, low waste or just more eco friendly. Here are some gift giving ideas to try and help you out!

1. Make Something

Some of my favourite gifts are hand made. My sister knits and paints so I've gotten knit socks, a coffee sleeve, and an amazing painting of my cat. My best friend also paints and does all kinds of creative things. She's made me a doll of my cat, and paintings. I love them because it makes me think of them and it shows so much thought. Baking some cookies or brownies is also a great way to make a gift.

2. Support a Hobby

I love useful gifts, but I also want them to be fun. Supporting someone's hobby does both. I've gotten bee keeping supplies for my mom, I've received soap molds, gardening supplies and embroidery thread. My sister often gets art supplies.

I think this is great because your not just giving someone stuff that's going to take up space but something they can use, and think of you when they use it.

3. Give Experiences

There are lots of experiences you can give someone as gift. The plus side is that then you get to spend time with them. Get the two of you concert tickets, a voucher for a yoga class, or a movie theatre gift card. There's lots you can do.

4. Support Local

Buying something local is more personal. I keep seeing plastic wrapped gift sets at Wal Mart and other big stores and to me they just seem lazy, but if someone gave me a hand made or locally made gift set I'd love it.

It's also easier to find plastic free choices from local shops.

5. Get Some Zero-waste Supplies

I ask for zero-waste goodies most years and now I have so many stainless steal tiffin, reusable bags, reusable bulk bags, travel mugs, and reusable straws. They help me keep up with my zero-waste goals and because it's something I can use I think about the gift giver whenever I use it.

6. Get Something They Need

Getting someone something they need may seem bad but you can make it exciting. Bamboo toothbrushes, soap, socks and tin lip balms may seem boring but if you find them in the persons favourite colour or favourite scent it can be special.

What are the best gifts you've given or received?
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