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Benefits of Bar Soap

l) are the best for travelling around the world or a weekend road trip.ortless way to lower your environmental impact. You can buy bar soap in cardboard, paper bags or naked. All of my soaps are available with or without a recyclable label. Shipped in fully recyclable or compostable materials Growing Green Co soaps are the perfect eco-friendly addition to your bathroom. If you purchase at a local event, you can even bring your bag or container for a completely package-free soap. 2. More Soap for Less Money The first ingredient in liquid soaps is water! When you buy bar soaps, you save money by getting more soap per ounce because you aren't paying for water. Bar soap also lasts longer. It is easy to overuse liquid soap (especially with little kids). With bar soap, it is almost impossible to use more than you need. 3. Smaller Carbon Footprint Since you aren't adding the extra water weight of liquid soap, the carbon footprint from shipping is smaller. It also takes less water to make bar soap than it does liquid. 4. No Added Chemicals This will depend on where you buy your soap, but as a general rule, most bar soaps (like Growing Green Co's) are free of many chemicals liquid soap is not. These chemicals include phosphates, triclosan, SLS, hormone disrupters such as DEA, chlorine and more. It's always important to read labels and choose a soap that only has ingredients you can understand. None of these chemicals are needed to clean! 5. Convenient for Travel Bar soap makes travelling easy. Not only does it mean you don't need to worry about liquids on a plane. It also means you don't have to worry about leaking bottles. Bar soap (and shampoos) are the best for travelling around the world or a weekend road trip

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