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It’s Waste Reduction Week!

8 Tips to Green Your Beauty Routine

1. Switch to Bar Soap

Liquid soap is great but it comes in too much packaging. The bottle, the pump and the label can all be ditched with bar soap. Bar soap works just as well and comes in so many great scents.

2. Switch from Tubes to Tins

We have lip balms in both tubes and tins and we try are best to make all our products as green as possible The tubes are BPA free and recyclable, but they are still made of plastic. If you are trying to avoid plastic try switching to a metal tin. The metal tins are fully recyclable. Soon there will be a lip balm return program at Growing Green Co where you can return four empty lip balm tubes or tins for a free lip balm.

3. Switch to a Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are a great way to reduce your plastic packaging and contact with harmful chemicals. Growing Green four-in-one bars are SLS free, paraben free and plastic free.

4. Switch to a Safety Razor

Switching from a plastic disposable razor to a metal safety razor will not only make your routine greener it will save you money in the long run. To make shaving even greener I use the four-in-one bar to replace shaving cream. You just lather the soap on your legs, face or anywhere on your body and then shave.

5. Moisturize Better

I used to buy face moisturizer and hand cream in plastic tubes but now I use facial oil and a salve in glass jars. I find with both of these I use less product at a time than I did before and my skin has never felt better. The best thing is the jars can easily be reused.

6. Use Reusable Facial Rounds and Wash Cloths

I started using crocheted facial rounds to remove my make-up and they work great. It’s a simple swap from disposable cotton pads and saves you money. I just throw my used facial rounds and wash cloths straight in the washing machine when I’m done.

7. Shop Locally

It’s not just the product itself that matters but also how far it has to travel. A plastic free product from across the ocean might end up with a larger carbon footprint than a locally made product in plastic depending on the products. Of course you can always try and find a place that is both local and plastic free so you don’t have to choose.

8. Shop Mindfully

Try and buy only things you need or really really want. When you do buy something buy the version that is the best for the planet and the people making it. Also buy something that will last.

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