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How to Green Your Cleaning Routine: Six Simple Swaps

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

There are so many simple swaps to make your household cleaning plastic free and chemical-free.

1. Switch to Dish Cloths

The first swap is in your kitchen. Switching from plastic sponges to reusable and washable dish cloths saves you money and stops micro plastics from going down your drain. Make sure your dish cloth is made of a natural material like cotton, hemp or bamboo. You can find them in many patterns and colours, as well as scrubbing ones.

2. Use Bar Dish Soap

Staying in the kitchen it’s time to ditch dish soap that comes in plastic containers. most liquid dish soaps are full of unnecessary chemicals and are mostly made of water. By switching to a bar soap you get more soap! Bar soaps are essentially concentrated liquid soap so ounce for ounce you get more washes.

4. DIY Cleaning Spray

You can easily replace most of the bottles under your sink by making one all purpose cleaner. There are a variety of recipes you can use. I reused an old spray bottle and filled it with water, white vinegar and lemon essential oil.

5. Use Powder Laundry Detergent

Liquid laundry detergent comes in a plastic tub. Avoid plastic by finding an all natural detergent in glass or paper packaging.

6. DIY Toilet Cleaner

You can replace the plastic jug of chemicals with a DIY cleaner made of one part citric acid and three parts baking soda. You can also add essential oils. This cleaner not only works but it saves you money.

What cleaning swaps have you tried?

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