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Feature Friday: Four-in-One Bars

With the craft show I forgot about Feature Friday! All month the four-in-one bars will be on sale!

Four-in-one bars are perfect for travelling or simply simplifying your routine. The bars are shampoo, conditioner, soap and shaving bar all in one.

To use a four-in-one bar as shampoo and conditioner lather the bar on your hands and then run your hands through your hair like you would liquid shampoo. It’s that easy! If you haven’t used a shampoo bar before I recommend doing an apple cider vinegar rinse (you can also use white vinegar). Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to warm water and pour over your hair, then rinse out and wash your hair with the four-in-one bar.

The main reason to include a vinegar rinse is to remove any residue left from other shampoos or hair products. It is particularly important to rinse when you first start using a bar because the residue will not work well with the bar. Once you switch over you can just use a rinse as often as you like. Doing a vinegar rinse every now and then can make your hair softer.

The four-in-one bar also works as a conditioner as you shampoo! For me it is conditioning enough but for you, you might need to use another conditioner (I will have a conditioning shampoo bar out soon. Comment if you want it to be a future feature Friday).

To use the four-in-one bar for shaving simply lather your face, legs or wherever you want to shave and then shave like normal.

The four-in-one bar is meant to make your life easier! Less products taking up space (and taking your money) and it is easy to use.

For one month the four-in-one bars (all scents!) are 20% off!!!

Each Feature Friday also includes an IGTV video so check out @GrowingGreenCo

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