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Covid19 Update

Updated: May 23, 2020

Update: May 23/2020

As Canada has begun lifting restrictions so have I. As you know I cancelled shipping entirely in the beginning, then moved to shipping only within Ontario. I did this because I felt it was potentially unethical to be shipping during this time. Since many businesses have continued shipping nationally and internationally and Canada is beginning to loosen restrictions I have decided to reopen Canada wide shipping. I am still being (and always will be) extra careful when producing and shipping your orders. Everything is done in a clean and hygienic way and shipping packages are sterilized. Thank you all for your support during this weird time. I hope you all are well.

post updated: April 17/2020

Thank you to those of you who’ve placed orders recently. It’s been great to have your support!

I’ve decided to only accept mail orders within Ontario for now. Orders will be shipped in groups to social distance by avoiding multiple post office trips.

Local orders will be delivered. That means only orders within Keene and Peterborough. This way I can limit contact with others by avoiding the post office as often as possible.

I am working on a no contact and free “pick up” option for those who want to drive to me

I know I have great customers all over Canada but I think for now this is one step I can take.

I think it’s important that you can still access your favourite soaps by delivery especially if stores are sold out

And as always I am keeping everything as sanitary as possible

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