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Made with pure beeswax and organic flowers and herbs. Beeswax sachets are to be hung in your home for decoration and inspiration 🔮

All cards are pulled for you! The fates will decide which card was meant to be yours

Card Meanings:

The Lovers 💕

-Attraction, love, beauty, trials overcome

-when reversed failure, foolish designs

-it represents relationships and choices, a decision about a current relationship, temptation, or a change from single to committed or vice-versa

The Moon 🌚

-hidden danger, darkness, enemies and deception

-when reversed it represents instability and inconsistency

-this card means you need to be careful especially when making decisions

-you need to look inside yourself and focus on what’s going to happen not not what’s right in front of you

The Sun ☀️

-a very positive card that means the same (only lesser) when reversed

-gained knowledge and accomplishments and material wealth

-mostly this card represents you over coming your fears and now experiencing new things

-you’ve learned new things and you e grown and are happier

The World 🌍

-changing, moving, flying, moving to a new home/country/place

-in reversed it means stagnation, or inactivity

-this card means there’s a pause in your life and now there’s a new change, an ending with something new starting

-you need to think about what you truest desire because now it’s time to go get it

Fortune 💵

-fortune, destiny, good luck

-when reversed it represents a surplus, too much of something

-this card also represents a change whether that’s from rich to poor or poor to rich, or a change in status

-the symbol on this card (a hamsa) represents protection in many cultures and adds another layer to this card

The Star 💫

-hope and bright prospects

-in reversed it represents abandonment and loss

-the star is very connected to the spiritual self and is all about finding inspiration, insight and courage for the future

-the star is a brightness happening in your life when everything seems dark

Tarot Card Beeswax Sachets

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