Can’t decide if you want a bath bomb or bath salts? Get the best of both worlds when you try the fizzy bath salts! 

Sprinkle in your desired amount (3 tbs or as much as you like) and watch your tub fizz. 

Your tub should be filled with lovely scents. Currently only available in lavender but more scents are coming soon.

It is recommended that you rinse off after any bath you have to rinse any residue from bath salts, soaks or bombs

Warning: the moisturizing oils used will make your skin feel great but may make your bath tub slippery! So be careful getting in and out of the tub.

Epsom salts, baking soda, citric acid, powdered coconut milk, organic avocado oil, organic lavender, mica powder, essential oil

Sels d'Epsom, bicarbonate de soude, acide citrique, lait de coco en poudre, huile d'avocat bio, lavande bio, poudre de mica, huile essentielle

Fizzy Bath Salts


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